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Better Than your First Submission.

Looking at this, I already know the differences.

Mostly what you need at this point is practice. Some anatomy sketches would be a big help. I would really like to see some life drawing and studies posted up.

As for some of the bigger flaws with this is the arms/shoulders and that Axe. The shoulders need to be closer in similarity when it comes to muscle mass. Also the arms are two different thicknesses. The characters left arm seems puny, complete with a small hand as well. Then the right looks like it has some power packing behind it. Although that could come from that Huge Axe.
I'm all for the fun giant weapons, but this at least needs a practical hand size grip. Lets also get this entire thing on screen, widen the canvas some more and get the axe more over the head. Have it really show off the power of the character.

The background is a little bland and could use a little more character placement. You should get the entire character on the canvas rather than having part of him running off the edge. Also having that full body on their gives you a chance to play with the characters surroundings more. Have some magic flowing, tearing at the ground, and lighting his surroundings.

The Characters face needs some tweaking and I think you could have more folds on those baggy cloths. You could also get much stronger shadows to really add some depth to the picture.

This definitely shows some progress.,

MajesticBob responds:

I agree. Though That is how the weapon looks and is in Real life! Lol! It's a damn train wreck of a weapon.

Holy Fuck!!!!!!

Well.... their goes my "Harsh Critique Streak"..... I'll have to start over now, but its completely worth it.

I remember seeing you work on this, but damn, this came our much better than I thought it would.
Wonderful use of light and shadow. The texture is amazing. Even the simple but exquisite background is just down right Epic!

Great job

Well Done...

This was as solid concept that came off well. A great clock day submission.
Could use a little more definition around some of the body parts, but other than that, great


Solid as Usual

Although I doubt that there are many stock photos of people falling from the sky.
Over all this is a solid design, and I like it.
The only two problems I have is that the skirt at the top makes her hips look bigger than they are, I think you could do some more flutter with it to define it more.
And The calf when it comes to the ankles make them look like cankles. If you could thin them out a little sooner, I think it would look much better.


PixelCake responds:

Well I drew her chubbier than I usually draw my ladies so the wider hips is normal and so are the thicker thighs, I tried to shrink the ankles and it looked like they were going to snap her feet off
eventually I'll get it right XD thank you

I'd Boost Her Peach

This is a great example of a simple but effective design. It has hardly any color, but what it does have simply adds to the entire thing.

The only thing I would add is some simple ground shadows to give the characters a sense of placement.

wesley-johnson responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Yeah, I'm not a bit digital painter or anything, so I'm starting to try to figure out other way of coloring. More of a design approach I guess. And yes, shadows would make a world of difference. I'll make that happen.

Good Job

Well, you have come quite a way since you came here. I hope this New thread has less annoyances than your last.
>.>.... should have probably done a more epic background though.....
and a spinny head...

Kashi responds:


"Everything is Shiny Captain"

Very nice, It did come out well, and of course being a robot and a gundam, it got a fave. we all have our weaknesses, right?
The close up in the back really does this thing too. I mean a lot of artist have been using close ups as a background over the past year or so, but it's always just a close up of the same image, but you did a completely different one and I feel this sets it apart from some of those others.

Fifty-50 responds:

Thanks, this means a lot coming from you.

down loaded brushes.... meh,,,

Really shouldn't have used the brush presets. their kind of obvious.
you should have studied a graffiti style more.
This really doesn't fit together at all. Everything is kind of a different style, which is a major downside to using down loaded brushes.
I guess the texture on the lettering is alright though

darkenedlover666 responds:

Have you any idea how vast the graffiti style is? It took me 3 hours just to learn the text... And I wasn't sure what to do for the background... I'll try to do better next time.

I think it works.

I don't think it is too dark for the web, but maybe for print. if you are going to make mass printings of this for some reason I think it would be best to consult the print shop you are going to use.
over all I think it is a win. This has strong line art, good colors, good layout, spacing, the how deal.

Lintire responds:

To be honest, I just printed it out to paste on my wall along with the other concepts - it's a great compliment to be considered somewhat professional (mass printings and consultations are somewhat professional, aren't they?) - seriously, I'm flattered =D

Glad you like it, and nice to know that researching art pays off.

What is right, What Happened?!

I understand just having a little modeling session to take your mind off things and just goof around for a day or two. But this is so much lower than your other work.
I just feel disappointed that you put this along side your other great work.

I can see some places where your skill shines through like around the top of the coat, the mouth.
Perhaps if you did some fill maps, rigged it and done some funny poses with it, this could be a good solid funny piece, but as it is right now, I just give it a slight "huh...." and go on...

I hope you get some better work up soon

DeadExile responds:

I appreciate the review Kinsei, since starting uni i haven't had much time to dedicate to a large scale piece of work. But i guarantee that bigger and better things are on their way soon!

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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