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You Must Be This Tall To Ride The Bear!

Its kind of amusing. I think it could be much funnier if the picture was more like a logo for a real sporting event. You should do one in that style.

TheZachs responds:

Hey, that's actually a pretty good idea! I think I'll try it out, thanks!


Up grade to a better program. Paint isn't doing it for you that is for sure. Try Gimp, its free and like photoshop.

Over all this is bad. Study animal anatomy and composition. Tutorials for both can be found in tons of books and online.

Careful of your colors. their too saturated. They need to be toned down. Study color theory while your at it.

SuperKakareta responds:

I jus edited it on paint, plus i was bout 9 neways

You Need Practice

Study the manga art a bit more. But before you do that you need to learn the basics of art.
You also need to Study up on anatomy and take some life drawing classes.After you get that far and only then should you settle on a style found anime and manga.

SuperKakareta responds:

I kno i was only like 9 when i dew dis

Someone Just Downloaded Photoshop

And decided to look like an idiot with it.

Lacks any sort of form or direction.
Seems to be filter raped as with a noise filter.


Thats the face...... The pain in his eyes is known by all men....

Pillowmint responds:

The horror


I wanted to vote a 5 on this as well....

It actually looks kind of funny..... I think I want to do one too. But the link doesn't work..... COuld you upload the template to the NG Dump and provide a link?

Over All Good

I'm liking this, and its going pretty well.

you need to work on the anatomy of the arms a little. They are short compared to the rest of the body which is quite long. You got to get the two to match.

one of the biggest flaws working against you in this is the lighting. you can see a major difference between the drawn lighting and the photo lighting. The photo lighting doesn't match, you should remove it and just go with the drawn effects. The drawn effects match the style of the picture and looks much more fitting.


Kishari responds:

Yeah, I know the arms are pretty much too short, but I'm still learning.^^ And the lightnings were SUPPOSE to look like that; I wasn't trying to blend the two together. But thanks anyways! :3

Take that Correction Pen and shove it up.......

This piece has some serious issues. When I first take a look at it, the thing seems alright, but the more I look at it and study it, the more and more I start to dislike it and rip it apart. I've already dropped my star rating twice since I started typing. So to work.

Starting with the more technical, the Anatomy. At a glance the anatomy seems ok, but people don't give it a second look, this is because the anatomy itself is quite a bit off. One of the eyes is placed quite awkwardly. Her right eye is much too far to the side to the face. This makes it look like the eye is actually on the side of the head instead of being on the face and more toward the center where is should be. The nose is a bit small for my taste, but its more of a style thing so I let that one slide a bit more. The forehead is quite large but the rest of the face is quite cramped. This is the result of bad layout and preplanned. I'll get to more of that in a moment. The mouth needs to be moved a little bit more to the middle of the face rather than off to the side. Other than the placment of the lips, they look fine.

Moving on from the Anatomy, wanna talk about the line work. The line art for this is horrible. Very low rate. It looks like you did the line art with a ball point pen. You got to make sure you have good solid and clean line art to make markers look their best. Along with the Line art, the actual color work is pretty bad as well. On the face is where it is most noticeable. You need to work on blending your colors more. Good quality markers will allow yo to do this so you get a more smooth color rather than that large discolor that stands out really bad on yours. Take some time with your color and slow down. On the full view I can easily see where you completely blew past your line art and in to areas where the color wasn't intended to go. There are a lot of books that cover marker techniques as well as line art skills are usually one in the same since using markers and making line art tend to go hand in hand. A tip for using markers is that after you lay down your color, you re-ink the drawing to get back your full line color.

Since we are talking about markers, you need to work on preplanning. With markers you lack the wonders of undo like on a computer, and unlike painting, you can't easily cove up mistakes or scratch them from the canvas, so when you go to make a mark, you have to be 100% sure you know where and how you want it. The correction pen gets brought in here. If your going to do this with a correction pen, then throw the damn thing away and don't buy another. Yes artist can use correction fluids and pens to do the certain highlights on some drawing, but what you have done with it is insulting. Highlights should be planned before you do the marker color in order to know what to leave white on the page as a highlight. This not only looks better than using a correction pen, but it also saves you from wasting the pen.
Also do not use the pen to out line hidden things such as the eyebrows. It just looks tacky.

Lighting is the next thing to come. Your light sources are pretty screwed up on this. Looking at this I notice conflicting sources. You can see that the shadow cast from the nose is drastically different from the shadow cast from the hair. Although some planning for shadows is required, it's not as intensive as planning highlights since you can usually just darken the color where you need.
The hair has a light source from the right side and the nose from the left. The chin and jawline hints at one from above. Then thanks to your abuse of a correction pen, you have hair highlights scattered everywhere making things even worse.
For your next piece you need to have a light source in mind from the beginning, pencil it in as a random light bulb in somewhere if you have to. Then follow that light source to the ends of the earth, especially if you are using marker to color.

In conclusion, The piece looks good at first, bit then falls apart under analysis.

I Like Your Work

Your a pretty solid artist, and you are drawing a lot of things I grew up with so that adds even more bonus points, But I feel that these power rangers you have been doing lately are just below your level.

It's mostly your lack of shading and line weight. They are just flat and I think that makes them a little boring. I know these are meant to be wallpapers, but I know you can do much better.
You could turn these in to real epic pieces...


Blud-Shot responds:

my fault, my descriptions aren't really informative lol These are pieces of a bigger picture that will be created when the final ranger is complete. For the moment the rangers have no highlights or shadows. Right now what you see is the " flat color version " of all the rangers. You can say that it's more for line art display because I will releasing the line art version later for others to color.

The final piece will look like a painting and not a flat vector image.

Thanks for point that issue out though.

Pretty Awesome

I really like this.
The lighting is badass as ever. Excellent texture work. Great tribute


If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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