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Aww man What happened. Your other one has such a nice large and clear picture. Ah well.

Anyway I'm kind of intrigued about those clear disks. mind sharing a few details on them?

So as a post-apoplectic Item I honestly expect to this to not be so well kept. I would be looking for some broken parts and odd accessories attached all over the necklace. I see you have some pop tabs to try and add to the randomness, but I don't think it is enough yet.
Again, I can't see everything all that well so if you have more, I apologize I cannot see it.

I think you should take a couple of those wooden beads and roast a few, stain a couple others and grind and cut on all in between. Maybe a couple pieces of random wire, a little metal and or random glass as well.

If nothing else you have a couple interesting elements to go with this. Now I would like to see you expand on them.

MajesticBob responds:

It is post apoc but 200 years later. Think rifts. So resources are tight but it's not impossible to make something new. The plastic disks are stoppers from seafood bag holder at my job. When the bags are empty and need to be replaced I take the stoppers since they get thrown out anyway. As for Pics these were kinda a rush job since I had to take them to game. Also I have a real hard time taking pics of jewelry. something I will have to figure out.

Their are many things needed to be worked on here, but two of the biggest is your underlying structure and your "editing."

Yes you need to work on anatomy over all, but I think getting a good grasp of the skeletal structure underneath the character will be key in bettering your works.
By drawing a very basic an simplistic skeleton you can begin to see where the muscle structure and thus the skin, needs to go. Your shoulders are really awkward, and your head and neck are way off.

As you begin to get a grasp on the anatomy, proportions will begin to follow.

As for the editing. It looks really bad. I can see you were attempting to remove and/or recolor parts of the background. The cut work looks very rough and you would have been better off using maskes in Photoshop or the free alternative, Gimp.

You could use a little bit more defined linework and some more solid colors as well.

At least you strived for a more interesting pose and some post work. So I give you some props for that. Keep practicing and better luck next time.

Yeah, now thats quite a bit better.
You've taken care of a lot of the flat colors. Have a couple more levels of lighting. Have some stronger and more expressive line art. Gotten more to the sky with the clouds and the slight gradient. You got your picture more squared I like the floating box you have for the text, very comic bookish. Yes much better indeed.

As for things to work on. the color of the sky seen through the handle of the basket doesn't match the rest of the sky. you may want to make it a little lighter so it isn't as noticeable. The root coming from the ground should be a little more horizontal dues to the viewer's vantage point. I'd work on the shadows cast by the objects/characters/textures in the scene. Lastly I wouldn't copy and paste the clouds so much. One or two copy/paste will work, but not all of them.

Good job keep it up.

pockets08 responds:

YES!! YESYESYESYEYES!!!! and i fixed the apple basket lighting, but forgot to reupload the fix :P

My quick thoughts are for you to reinforce the details. Details like the webbing on Spiderman's Suit, or the Hard lines of Doom's armor. Also some more stronger and dynamic posing would have been a good choice.

Now with some more in depth thought.
I think a bit stronger composition with a more dynamic pose would have really helped the impact of the overall feel of the piece. I think something with a little more of the body showing would have been good. Perhaps doom holding Spiderman off the ground by his neck and seeing Spiderman struggling to get free.

The anatomy could use some work. Its not too far off, but it could use some more consistency in places such as Doom's hands and arms. Also Doom's neck and head seem thin and small compared to the rest of the body. I also notice that Peter's right shoulder is very small and puny. Spiderman may be a little on the smaller and scrawny side, but he does have some good solid muscle in the right areas.

The coloring could have been much more solid. Although it is breaking about par, I think you could have pushed your color pencils to have a bit more rich color. On that same hit I would like to mention some lighting and other effects. I don't see and definite or solid light source. I also see little to no shadows or shading. You really need to get a strong Light to case some nice hard dynamic shadows on the characters. IN that same sense this would give you the most awesome opportunity to play with Doom's armor had its reflectivity,

As I mentioned in the quick thoughts I think you should really get the thicker lines on the costumes. This also applies to the line work.
A couple minor changes and this could become a pretty bad ass piece. At the moment you have a start and I will pleased to see you come out with more comic book related pieces.

Chessplay responds:

Thanks for the honesty, I'm gonna work on those points moving on

before even reading your description I was thinking this was watercolor

I like the over all subject matter. Although kind of strange, it is something that appeals to me as a person.
I especially like the roasting of the birds.

The color and lighting are pretty good too. I would have liked to see some stronger shadows in a couple places like the guy's arm and the bed frame in a couple areas as well.

Although I think you could use some more practice in the medium, I think you have a decent amount of control over it already. You seem to have an excellent grasp of color theory and how to use shades other than gray and black to get a much better sense of shadow. As mentioned there Are a couple of areas I would have liked to see some stronger shadows.

The background, although simple, is good. I really think the watercolor was perfect for this in the simple sense of adding texture and breaking up what would normally be a flat gradient.

This carries the essence of a dream very well. It has that lovely mystical feeling about it that could only come from a dream. A little bit of nonsense and randomness such as the candle lifting the balloon, the fire breathing balloon that looks like a fish and the birds getting roasted by said fire.

Excellent job man. I hope to see more like this in the future.

Merol responds:

Thanks for the review!

I used a bit of colored pencils for some shading, but yeah, it mainly is watercolor.

I also wasn't totally happy with the shadows, they looked good enough to me before I added the background. It (the background) turned out to be a little darker than I was planning, I believe that played against them (the shadows).

That dreamy feeling is the reason why I used watercolors, I always thought watercolor paintings have that dream like thing to them.

Thanks a bunch for the review again!!

I have to give it to you Bob, this is definitely one of your best pieces yet. I really liked it. To be honest for the contest it really comes down to a hard call between this or the Cthulhu piece. In the end I guess it comes down to who truly owns my soul; The Empire or the Old Ones.

I really liked the metallic that came out on this. it gave it some really nice appeal. I know some thought you made this out of metal, and I can see why, especially with that one fold on its shoulder looking like a weld bead.
As mentioned in the thread I would add some line work for the metal plating, but you already informed me of the problems with the marker, so I would suggest some paint pens. A little more expensive, but really worth the cash.
After that, if you end up with a little more black spraypaint in the near future I'd give a bit of light dusting to the underside. Give it some shadow appeal.
As for some photos, I'd like to see a really low angle show of this. Give it that massive appeal that it deserves.
Perhaps you should do some small origami or papercraft snow speeders next and set up a little stylized Hoth diorama with some white sheets and cotton balls.

Nice job, I'd love to see this take a pretty high spot in the contest.
faved, since we can do that now :3

MajesticBob responds:

Wow. That's the second time your review unexpectedly stunned me. I do wish I had added more detail but time was running short and I made do with what I had. I agree that the Cthulu is solid competition. That thing is sick. All the designs were solid. I just had to make an AT-AT. It just felt right. Thanks for the solid review.

As I mentioned, I'm not a fan of the over all design. The cross guard looks too puny compared to the grip. You should really make it a bit longer.
The blade also looks small. There looks to be no edge on the blade either.
As a pretty solid rule, when you start a new project, try to do some sketches or find some reference that has the details you want in your project. Looking at these during the course of a project can help you achieve the end result you want.

I honestly think you need to rework this design. I'm liking the composition, just not the look of the actual elements in the picture.

It looks pixelated
Here is a simple way to get a much larger image in 3DsMax Got to Rendering > Print Size Wizard. It is a real simple popup to help you get a much larger image with out losing quality.
there are other ways to go about this, but this is simple and quick.

You Bastard!
Playing a trump card against me. I'm compelled to comment on this.
Good show ol'chap, good show.

Anyway, moving past my Megaman series fanboyism.

This is a pretty good piece. Although, I have become to expect that from you.
The pose is really dynamic. It gives a strong sense of motion and action. It has a good sense of balance as well.
The coloring is pretty damn good too. You've done an excellent job with the lighting and shadows. The sense of depth works well too.

If I had to say something to work on it would be the line work. You have a really dynamic picture, but the line work doesn't quite match. I would have loved to seen some really awesome extreme line weight in this. It would have given a demanding sense of impact on the page. If you didn't want to go with some extreme line weight, I think you could have also gone with a little more sketchy on the line work and given it a rough appeal.

Anyway5'd, 5'd and faved

Do megaman next plox :D

You know, These are pretty funny. I really like them. IF you do put out some stickers, I'd love to buy a couple. My pencil case needs more lols

Honestly its a funny idea and pretty well executed.

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks!

I'll add you to my little mailing list. Once I figure out how the hell I'm pricing everything, I'll drop you a PM! :)

Pretty much everything Zane said, although I prefer "Less than 3"

Really get a couple more pieces up, it would be an honor to scout you.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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