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Aw man, a crash. That really sucks. Ah well, not the first, won't be the last.

I really like some of the texturing you got going on here. and the color really works., Line work is a win too.
Keep it going girl.

Kashi responds:

Ugh, yeah. It would have been a lot better if I hadn't lost it. Guess I couldn't prove it though xD

Learned a valuable lesson though :C

Thanks Kinsei :D

There is something about this that really grabs me for some reason. I'm thinking that it is the pose ant the flow of motion.
Something about it really works man. I like it.

This needs to be a sticker sheet in the store. Like asap.
Either that or a mini poster :3

Ooh kinky.
Nice job

There once was a man from Madrass
Who's balls were constructed of brass
When jangled together
They played stormy weather
And lightening shot out of his ass!

Rennis5 responds:


So let me get this straight; I take the tiem to painstakingly write out review for you. Something that would have helped your art immensely. Then you take it down and then have the balls to re post that price with negligible changes claiming that now its done.


your lighting STILL isn't fixed.

Your color is bleeding worse than a 13 year old girl on her first period
and even worse your bleeding is happening in all of the wrong damn places (like her EYE!)
and frankly if I were the girl in that picture I rather through myself into the lave pit than sit like that for even an instant.

So props. you provoked a strong emotion with your art. like this one for example:
*insert deformed baby fetus drawing here*

So congratulations you've lost yet ANOTHER person who could have helped you. Ta ta

DragonPunch responds:

That's actually a pool of blood, and uh...Fallen Angels get stronger with blood so...You makin' a death wish or somethin'? All joking aside, thanks for your feedback, even if it was full of cursing and immature ranting.

You never really fixed the light sources or the shadows on the character all the way. Also the Light cast on the character doesn't match the lighting in the background as much as it should have. The stump for one that she is setting on. The Shadow cast on the water doesn't match the shadows produced behind the character. I also don't see much in highlights on the background. You have one tree off to the left there that has some highlight, but nothing else.

The mountains need some work. Mostly in their tone. The one I can kind of see on the left is a bit better than the one on the right because it begins to blend in with the atmosphere a little more. As things fall back in view away from the center focal point, they become more unclear, blurred even. They lack more defined shape and more like blobs of light and shadow. Yes they can still resemble mountains, but just not as sharp.

Another thing to work on is color bleeding. When light bounces from object to object, it carries a little color from the previous object to the next. So your river banks. stump, character and so on would have some hints of red from the river on them. Understand.

You also got some sort of cloud photograph in the background, it seems very half assed. Even if you just slapped a photo in there. You would have been better off drawing our own clouds or perhaps manipulating the photo a little to more match te look and style of the rest of the picture.

Speaking of wanna be filters and effects, the water. It looks horrible. Again, you should at least try and make the entire thing consistent. At the moment it looks like a filter or a badly 3D rendered water ripple.

You've made decent effort, But you still have a ways to go.

Congrats on the Front Page. Your moving up the ranks just fine.

Good use at the mix of symbols too. Has a very Lazer tag feel. Should look pretty cool under black lights. It'd definitely be something interesting to see in person.

pockets08 responds:

Fuckin...awesome. Glad you like it! It will be on the wall of our Mission Briefing Room (or so it better be!) and on our Staff shirts. If it gets asked about enough, it will go into being sold on shirts for customers! IF...If...

May have taken 4 hours, but I'd say totally worth it.
Very nice.

Osuka responds:

Was 4 happy hours of fun, I love making textures :3

Holy fuck man.
Very nice.
Hey you got any of these in wall paper size?

I really think you have really gotten down the rapid approach of the blocking in of color. and then using the different values to really show in the detail.

The blue mountain one is my fave

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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