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meh, not funny.
The art is a little below par.
very cyanide and happiness, but one of the selling points of C&H is the expressions and body language of the characters. Yours, on the other hand, have none of those.
Perhaps if you didn't go for such a small scale it would have been easier to show some emotion and action to the characters.

better luck next time.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the luck.

You know, These are pretty funny. I really like them. IF you do put out some stickers, I'd love to buy a couple. My pencil case needs more lols

Honestly its a funny idea and pretty well executed.

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks!

I'll add you to my little mailing list. Once I figure out how the hell I'm pricing everything, I'll drop you a PM! :)

Pretty much everything Zane said, although I prefer "Less than 3"

Really get a couple more pieces up, it would be an honor to scout you.

Ok you want a review eh? Alright You got the Review whore at your service.
Lets start with some troubling issues.

The hands hold one of the largest flaws in this entire thing. hey could really use a overhaul Her right thumb isn't bad, but the gingers really don't have any depth. The left hand is generally alright, but its having problems showing how the palm of the hand somewhat wraps around the hip.
Hands are tricky though, You can study and practice them for years and still not get them right. So just keep observing them and practicing them.

The hips, with this pose, shouldn't be that even. Her right hip should be elevated a little more to keep the proportions a little more accurate. With them at the same horizontal level it makes her left leg seem all the more longer than it should be.
This flaw is pretty minor, and most viewers wouldn't really notice it, but they would still feel like something was off.

Moving back up the body here, the breast, her left one is wildly flat. You shouldn't lead the line of the breast directly in to the shoulder like that, even if they are remarkably small. You should have curved it up and left a little of the back showing to lead up under the arm. This would have also left you some areas to play with some deep shadows and some better highlights on the breast.

I'm not going to dig in to the head too much considering you have already acknowledged it was large. Intentional as it may be, it could use a slight shrinkage. Something to keep for future reference.

I need to bring up this, your signature. I understand you want people to know this is your work, that is fine, I have no qualms over that, but don't put it over your character.You can make your sig as big as you want, bigger than your character even, I don't care, but don't cover any of your subject with it.

Now some good things. The coloring is good, I like that part. The lighting is nice too. I personally feel you could have been a little stronger on some shadows and highlights, but this does just fine.

The costume design and overall character design are appealing and effective.

Other than a few small flaws, this piece is alright.

DragonPunch responds:

Thanks for your feedback, and I'll definitely keep these things in mind. :) About the sig, that was for theft protection purposes. If anybody should try and steal my work, I know which piece it is and I know who to go after/

The Hell?!

How long did you work on this.
You textured everything.
Those rocks and the dragon are ridiculously well textured

Great color and lighting too.
Would have personally liked to see some really Massive wings, but this is pretty damn good

Very good

This entire piece has a really strong rundown feel about it. I think that is what I like most about it. It is like the end of a long hard journey. I can see a whole story contained with in this one picture.
The eyes of the dragon itself is probably my favorite part of this picture. So sunk in and tired.

Great job.


I like this.
The combination of the creatures you got going on here.
This is one of the most interesting dragons I have seen thus far. I'm glad some of you are really breaking out of the stereotypical mold of dragons

Also the cat head reminds me of my cat. even has that same look... although it is usually my blood on her lips, not some ram.

For those about to rock!

More like Draco Badass!

bang out that shit dude, crank it to eleven,


This is an awesomely terrifying piece. Great job man. Really.
the level of detail is just superb. Especially around the dragon's mask

I also love the texture.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks kin and ah sei, alot of effort was put on the design on the dragon's face ;D

I have really Got to quit Procrastinating

Another massive dragon. Wow.

I have honestly got to sstart doing better time management.

Awesome detail on the dragon, but one thing I really love is your mountains. Those are really impressive. Hell the whole damn thing is pretty fucking sweet.

Ramatsu responds:

hey, thanx and yeah procrastinating can be a problem, but sometimes it does help oddly enough.

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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