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+10 to Courage, -10 to Intelligence....

OH boy. this isn't going to end well for the eternal understudy.

Your pacing in comics is just wonderful. Even when I looked over the whole thing and then read it I still got a major laugh in the end.

You have done well with both character design, writing.

You colors are awesome and your lighting is superb.

I continue to read these with joy.


TO be honest, I haven't been a fan of the Final Fantasy series in a long time. No particular reason, just kind of fell out of it.
That aside.

I think your spoof is well placed and in pretty good taste.

The Art is solid and you have some good lighting going on. You know your colors, and have a solid grasp on humor and anatomy. I even see the straight/curve style going on.

You have added a lot of elements to this single piece, but have kept them well in check and with solid composition. You haven't crowded any one and they all have room to move if need be.

Congratulations on another good piece.

Classic TV Batman...

A short simple frame that makes us laugh. Well done.

I like how you have captured the eyebrows from the TV Costume. I always lol'd at those, so seeing them here brought some nostalgia with the piece.

Low Blow!

But well aimed.
Keep up the good work.

Another Great Comic

I do enjoy your Luigi series.
And being a fan of the lean green machine, these just make me laugh again and again and again.

I hope you continue to bring more and more.


I love this piece, and fave'd it along time ago. But I read an article on Dorkly.com the other day that reminded me of it.
The punchline was about the same on both. lol Maybe your influencing writers from around the world

I Lol'd

It's stuff like this that got you to my favorite artist list.

A simple style, a good joke and a funny punchline or twist to seal the deal.
Great work.

Excellent Piece

Even with more of a cartoon style, this is wonderful work.

good job


There is a feel to this that I wish I could achieve in my own work. This is simply wonderful in giving the feel of a long hard battle. You have done well in delivering a setting and story in one image.

If there is any one thing I have to call you on it's some perspective, but only on one part. Link's right leg, the one on the ground, is off. it seems short and stubby. I know that you were attempting some forshortning, but I think you missed just a tad. I think you could have gotten away with it if you would have had the knee a bit larger and a bit more to the right.

Still a solid piece

Woo Snoogans !!!!

I'm a small fan of Kevin Smith, and I do love his Characters Jay and Silent Bob.
I think you have done a pretty solid Tribute right here. It got a instant fave.

Normally I would bash balls for the blank background, but considering the subject and style, I have to say it is the most fitting thing you could have done. In this having a background would have probably have distracted way too much from the characters. Eh but what do I know, I leave out backgrounds on 90% of my own "Finished" works...

Nice high resolution. I advise every one to look at the high res cause there is just somethings you miss on this tiny piece.

I like the lighting. you have some nice shading going on. Over all this is a win

If you think you have what it takes, then come at me. I'll enjoy this.

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